Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the presents...

after getting home from school the birthday boy opened his presents.
first up, a bat from matt and i.
and his second present was a t-ball stand.
which got put together instantly.

matt showing him the proper hand grip.
and micah trying it out for the first time.
the third present to be opened was from uncle mark, auntie katie, ellie and celia.
he was super excited about this one too.
it was a remote control car that looked like a killer whale.
the bonus about it was that it could go in the water or on the land.
***first request made to get into the pool.
fourth present to be opened was from grandma and grandpa harrison, autie vera and uncle steve, christian, antony and briana and auntie dajana and uncle peter and olivia.
this one left him speechless...
a brand new, very professional set of flippers and a snorkel and mask set.
***second request made to get into the pool.
he and matt got in to try out the new gear and toy while i finished the birthday pizza and cake.
yeah, that's right.
i made cupcakes that morning for his class thinking it would be plenty of cake. but right before he went outside with matt, micah looked at me and asked, "mommy, where is my birthday cake?"
i looked at matt for help...who just looked at me, hid a smile and jumped in the pool.
so i baked a cake.
after baths and pizza the phone calls started to roll in. i snapped this picture of micah talking on the phone to grandma van cleave.
i thought it was hilarious!
present opening resumed. this one was from pastor shirley and jim.
a water toy opened after the jump in the pool to test everything out was over.
and no buddy you may not get back into the pool.
$20 from grandma and grandpa van cleave!!!
"i'm rich!"
art supplies, puzzles and his very own calculator.
he loved it all.
thank goodness for mixes.
can i get an amen?!
3rd time using that candle in one day.
another satisfied face!

Happy 6th birthday Micah
you bring joy, creativity and smile after smile to our days.
the day you were born was like a light entering our lives and our home.
we love you!

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