Tuesday, August 23, 2011

moving in!!!

moving day was a crazy and hectic day.
matt had spent the day at the new house finishing up the painting so that we could move in the next morning, which was Saturday. i reserved a u-haul on-line for 24 hours. matt had lined up several guys to help load the truck friday night and than we were planning to unpack it saturday morning and do the majority of the moving that day.
plans change, don't they?
when i stopped at the new house to pick up matt around 3:30 he already looked exhausted. it had been a long and late night week for him. though he was excited and running on adrenaline all week, the effects of how tired he was were starting to show. we headed over to pick up the truck and when we got there we were thrown a major curve ball. they informed us that we did not have the truck for 24 hrs like the reservation stated. u-haul does not allow 24 hour reservations friday through sunday. matt was furious! but we had no choice but to take the truck. he got into the truck and i got into the car and i began making calls on the way to our old house.
and do you know what God did?
first of all, he gave my man a great attitude!
and second, we had 11 people show up to help us!!!
and....most of them stayed until the very end!
it was phenomenal!!!
such a blessing to be loved like that.

my mom and beatrix with a front row view of the work going on.
first load...
(by the second load i pretty much just wanted to torch whatever was left inside)
my babies and their smiles which lasted all through out a stressful night of moving.

matt and our dear friend john finished up everything around 2:00 in the morning. i think matt crawled into bed at 2:30.
exhausted, but with a huge smile on his face.
it was the first night we spent in OUR new home!

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