Wednesday, March 17, 2010

pastor shirley and mr. jim

We started going to a church in downtown west palm a couple of months ago. And we love it. Most of the congregation is older than us, by ALOT! The church was dying until Pastor Shirley answered the Lord's call and came to help the sinking ship. This woman is a prayer warrior and she started praying right away that young families would start coming. The next week we showed up and the Lord has blessed both of our families through each other.

Last Friday night she and her husband Jim invited us over for dinner. The Sunday before she was asking Micah what some of his favorite foods are. He said macaroni and cheese, fruit, meat and bread. She asked him what he would like for dessert and without hesitation he said a truck cake. She looked at me confused and I said, "oh Shirley, don't worry about that." Micah said, "when I turned three mommy made me a truck cake." Well, the subject changed to something else and I thought it was forgotten, but when we showed up for dinner last Friday what do you think this wonderful lady had done? Made my little man his very own truck cake, complete with trucks that he could take home! It was such a fun evening and the kids loved Mr. Jim. He is very creative and kept Micah busy looking at his insect collection and than they made fish out of construction paper and paper clips and "fished" with a pole and a magnet.

I am so thankful for them and for our little community church. It has been really refreshing to be around some "wisdom" with the elderly in our church. They love seeing the kids and it is good for Micah and Beatrix to grow up around elderly people so they can learn respect and that people of all ages bring value and worth to our faith.

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