Wednesday, March 31, 2010

dear micah

dear micah,
i could watch you all day long....
you are so curious!
you love to look for bugs outside and your discoveries always bring you such joy.
i think you are great!
i love how you look, so little, sitting on one of your trucks as a make shift stool, while you are busy looking in the wagon for bugs or whatever else may be in there.
you are patient with beatrix and no matter how she treats you, you always want to be around her.
i am amazed at your persistence.
there are times when i look at you and see myself so clearly that it kind of freaks me out and than there are moments when i see daddy in a movement you make.
and i am reminded of the awesomeness of making a child with someone else and the fact that you really are both of us, put together.
i love your creativity.
your ability to look at something and ask such thought provoking questions.
i just love you.
from the moment you came into our lives you have brought such joy.
you are a gift from God!
dear micah,
i just wanted you to know how thankful i am you are in my life.
love, mommy

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Andy said...

beautiful=) brought tears to my eyes-marcy