Wednesday, March 3, 2010

northern visitors

The 18th of February, Matt's two brothers, Steve and Peter, came for a visit. It was WONDERFUL to see them. Thursday-Saturday morning the three of them went to the Keys to spend some time together. Steve and Pete went scuba diving while Matt stayed back at the hotel reading and relaxing and than both nights they were able to go out together and have some fun. Saturday morning they got back into town and we were able to hang out for a couple of hours while the kids took naps. I went for work that night and came home to find them hanging out around our outdoor fire pit that Matt built this winter cause it has been so chilly. They were laughing and having a wonderful time. I ended up joining them for awhile. It was so fun to hear them laugh. They are hilarious when the three of them are together! Sunday morning we went to church and than took them to our Sunday morning ritual of breakfest after church. We sat outside cause it was finally a little warmer.

Beatrix chewed on one of the creamers and surprised everyone when it popped open! ...all over Matt!!! hahaha

Uncle Peter and Micah having fun coloring king fish.

I love these dimpled fingers!!
Thank you Autie Vera for the jammies!
Some cuddles and silly faces before bed time.
They rounded off their stay with all three of them getting matching tatoos. Pretty cool! Steve is on the left, Pete in the middle and Matt on the right. I just got the song "Sisters" in my head from White Christmas.... "Two different faces but in tight places we think and we act as one, ahhuh". I guess it applies to brothers too. It was a great time for Matt and for me as I will welcome any chance I can get to see family! Thanks for coming guys. It was really great having you here!!!

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