Saturday, January 5, 2013

working together

  it's been pretty awesome watching their relationship grow, develop and change over this last year. i am finding that seven is a tricky age for me. gone is the need for mama to take care of everything and in it's place is the desire for attention from daddy. micah and matt went and got tiger's hats together for the game, and they've been talking about man stuff lately too. the other night i walked out to see where micah was and i found them both bent over the car. micah on his step stool. it melted my heart and i just stood there for awhile without them knowing i was there. then, like the mom i am, i ran in and grabbed the camera and made them stand exactly like they were. there was much grumbling (what is it with boys of all ages and pictures???) and complaining, but i told them someday they would be happy i made them do this. 

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