Saturday, January 5, 2013

voting day

i have a brilliant idea. people would make a fortune if on voting day you offered an area to watch kids for parents who are going in to vote. it would work much the same as church nursery. you leave your information or take a pager (if you happen to be old school) and you go in and vote in peace and then come back out and claim your children with a nice tip for the person watching them. brilliant, right? 

well, until something like that happens, matt and i woke up at 6:15 and got the kids ready, except for penelope and then we drove to our voting area and waited in line for it to open for 20 minutes. we talked to many nice people in line. we even met a few from michigan. but by the time we actually got inside, our window for keeping the peace had vanished. thankfully we had filled out our practice ballots so the actual voting took us each 5 minutes tops. 
 matt told bea she had to keep her hand in his pocket. ha! 

 i love that the kids got to watch an amazing freedom taking place and we were able to answer many of their questions as they were observing what was taking place. we talked about options, and differences and being informed and above all voting because it is important to never take that gift for granted. 
plus they got cool stickers out of it too. 
overall a pretty great morning. 
{yes, i changed her clothes mid wait in line. :) }

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