Saturday, January 5, 2013

miss manke

 november was also micah's beloved teacher, miss manke's birthday. it was a much anticipated birthday by my son. one that was planned for and thought about for quite some time. he made her a card and we talked about how to make her feel special on her day. the room moms for micah's class are amazing and very thoughtful and they threw her a wonderful party. one parent even donated pizza for the whole class. 
we went along to help out and also to get in on singing to miss manke. 
seriously though, she really is amazing and we are extremely thankful for the year micah has had. he loves second grade and is so happy with all of the science experiments they do. she is very good at making each one of the kids feel so special and loved. it was nice to be able to do that very thing for her on her birthday. 

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