Saturday, January 5, 2013


right around the time penelope was born while holding our new baby daughter in his arms, matt said to her, "oh, i can't wait for halloween. it's my year to choose costumes for the baby and i know just what you are going to be. the hulk. we are going to be matching hulks!" needless to say halloween was the fruition of a year of planning and anticipation. our dear friend lence, who is a makeup artist came over and did our makeup. she also went trick or treating with us because she had never been before. surprisingly, penelope sat perfectly still while lence did her makeup and she didn't crack a smile the rest of the night. she had this, "what have you people done to me" look on her face that was hysterical! 

instead of painting their chests green i found a green shirt for matt at the thrift store and i used a swim shirt and sewed black hair from an old wig onto it for pips.
  micah decided to be a pirate this year and beatrix was a spooky witch, her words. i found her costume at the thrift store too and we added the purple shirt and purple leggings cause she said it was itchy. the socks and shoe choice was all bea! 
i was a moooooom-my...get it a mummy? haha i laughed at it for awhile. 
these little things amuse me. 
 it's so funny to me how on this day, and no other mind you, i can get matt to smile from ear to ear. 
our family all dressed up!

this is the face that matt wore all night.
and this is the face that she wore all night. 
 we walked around our neighborhood and ended up at our church. they were having a trunk or treat and so the kids made their way around it. not as much fun as going door to door but we stopped by to say hello. halloween is always a fun day. with a month of celebration leading up to it, halloween makes for a special time and a night of lots of laughs. in case anyone was wondering, the paint came off very easily. 

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