Saturday, January 5, 2013

one hundred

early in november a lovely lady at our church turned 100. 
i. can't. even. imagine. 
a friend of mine made her a gorgeous cake and our church had a special birthday luncheon for her after church. her family had done a collage of pictures from her life and i was struck how in each picture she was smiling. big. i mean really big. and her eyes were smiling too. she just looked like she adored being alive! what happiness and joy. i'm sure she had some tough times. losses, fights with her husband, worried filled nights in regards to her children, but she looked happy. 
 just a cute picture of the girls. their hair...and their profiles...
i never want to forget these little things about their faces and their perfect little heads. 
 i took a lot of nice and sweet pictures of all the church kids with miss wilma, but this one below cracks me up. beatrix's face is classic! miss wilma grabbed a hold of her and didn't let go until the kids sat down. it was so cute and funny. it was a good reminder that life won't always be about babies and sleepless nights and poop, and discipline and baseball games and hearing complaints about what's for dinner. there are seasons waiting out in front of matt and i that will have nothing to do with babies. and we will miss it, of that i am sure. 

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