Tuesday, May 8, 2012

wednesday afternoons

rhonda comes on wednesday afternoons. i usually sit in the white rocking chair while penelope nurses and i listen. i listen to rhonda patiently explaining the rules of a game, making the "p" sound, or the "b" sound, mooing when shes sees a picture of a cow, or "bathing" a puh puh parrott for the 50th time because it is bea's favorite thing to do. sometimes i ask beatrix to obey miss rhonda, but most of the time i just listen.

beatrix loves wednesday afternoons.

i think this picture is perfect. maybe not in form, but in story telling. the mango on the table is from our neighbors tree that spills it's fruit into our yard and pool. rhonda loves them so i make sure there are a few for her when she comes on wednesdays. the wings bea is wearing were a gift from quinn, who i know prays that beatrix will recieve figurative wings as well. i find it fitting that bea wears them on wednesday afternoons. and rhonda is on the floor, totally engaged in what beatrix is working on and saying. did i mention how extremely patient this amazing woman is? i love this picture. it makes me thankful.

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