Tuesday, May 29, 2012

his list

micah is off of school this week and doesn't start summer camp until next week, so that means we have a whole week of mornings that beatrix is in school and it is "mostly" just he and i. last week i asked him to make a list of some things that he would like to do together. i didn't really think he heard me, but 5 minutes later he came out of his room with a completed list. number 5 was erased because we "can go swimming anytime."
list of stuff to do 
1 fishing
2 silet speed ball
3 walk
4 woch a movey
6 play hibe the pencil
7 draw
8 pant
9 play with legos
10 play hide and seek
11 tell storys
12 draw father's Day card
as you can see number one on the list was fishing.
 this morning, bright and early, he asked me if we could go today. i put him off by replying with "let me think about it." on the way to drop matt and bea off he asked again and i said another quick "we'll see". on the way home he asked me a third time and everything in me wanted to list the millions of reason why it wouldn't work out to go this morning. but i put those aside and said, "ok. we can go fishing. but we only have an hour." he replied with a hearty "yipee!" while i was feeding penelope {i think every sentence for the last 5 months starts out with me saying, while i was feeding penelope!} anyway, while i was feeding penelope he got his fishing pole out of the garage, along with a fake lizard for bait and a bucket, "in case we catch a huge one mama!" we walked over to the lake and he got to work casting his line and i sat on a bench, taking pictures and drinking coffee. it was a wonderful and very relaxing way to spend an hour this morning. 

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christi said...

I love the idea of having him make a list of what he'd like to do with you. . . such a good mom thing to do! I think I'll have to try that with my kids for the summer break!