Tuesday, May 29, 2012

it's more awkward

this morning i dropped matt and beatrix off at school and micah, penelope and i were left alone. while i was changing penelope in the back of the car micah was watching me and he asked, "mommy what is that white stuff all over her penis?" 
i laughed and said, "she doesn't have a penis silly, she's a girl. and that's diaper cream" 
he said, "oh yeah. what's that girl part called again?" 
i thought to myself, really?! we are going to have this discussion now? well, alright. i can roll with this. "on a girl it is called a vagina." 
"a bagina? hahaha! that's funny. bagina"
"no honey. V-agina. with a V."
"ooooh. vagina. va-gi-na. that's a three syllable word."
"yep. it sure is." i finished putting the diaper on penelope and was starting to ask him if he was ready to go. and then i heard him softly muttering the words to himself. 
he said..."peeeenis.     vaaaaaagina.    i like penis better."
"oh micah. they are both fine words."
"no mama. vagina is just more awkward."
laughing i replied. "yes it is honey. yes it is." 

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