Tuesday, May 22, 2012

mother's day

mother's day started for me last friday. micah got home from school and proceeded to spend the rest of the afternoon and early evening in his room. i was given strict orders to not come anywhere near it. a couple of times he emerged to ask me questions. one time he came out and said, "mommy, can plants have drinking water? not that i have a plant or anything, but i'm just wondering." i smiled to myself and said, "yes, they can have drinking water." he disappeared again, only to return a minute later. "mommy, umm just another question...can plants have water from the pink bathroom?" he asked innocently.  i tried my hardest not to laugh and i said, "yes. the water from the pink bathroom is fine."  later on that evening he came into the kitchen acting all coy and nonchalant. "mama, where is the ribbon? i just need to know. for no reason." i told him where it was. then he came back with 4 different ones in his hand. "which one is your favorite?" i told him i liked the purple one. later as i was folding clothes on the couch he came and asked, "what about the brown one with pink flowers?" "i like that one too honey!" he grinned at me and than said, "i was just curious." a couple minutes later he asked me, "what about the white ribbon mommy? do you like the white ribbon?" i smiled at him this time. and he said, "whaaat? i was just wondering." i chuckled and told him that the white one was very pretty too. after baths and stories were read by daddy, i was making my way to bea and micah's rooms to kiss them goodnight and to pray. while i was in bea's room he yelled, "don't come in here!" i stood at his door and said "if i promise not to look around can i come in and give you a kiss?" he agreed to that. later that night matt told me that micah had made all of the mother's day decorations himself and that he and micah could hardly wait for sunday morning. 
sunday morning i was told to stay in bed until they came and got me. i was more than happy to obey! i was retrieved by a grinning micah and beatrix and lead to the dinning room where a pile of beautiful cards and a present were waiting for me. i looked at the wall and one of the most beautiful banners i have ever seen was taped to the wall with white ribbon...i got a little misty when i saw that. sigh...so special. 

 matt surprised me with a mother's ring. when i opened it and saw that he had gotten four stones, i looked across the table at him and we both had tears in our eyes. so special to have my four babies represented on something that i can wear everyday. it was incredibly thoughtful on his part. finn's stone is the red ruby...the darkest of all of them. micah's, beatrix's and penelope's are light and almost see through. i told matt later that morning that it looked like the light in finn's stone had gone out...matt said that when he saw it he thought it looked deep. like finn had deepened us, brought us depth. beautiful. 
 micah had been working on this plant at school for almost a month. 
sadly it died this last week. 
from over watering. ; ) 
matt had also bought krispie creme donuts, an indulgence that only makes it into our home once a year and one that the kids were very excited about. and i also got a delicious cup of coffee and an omelette. we went to church and had a very relaxing afternoon. life returned to normal after naps, but the morning had been incredibly relaxing and i felt very loved and honored. i am so thankful to be a mother. something i honestly never thought i would be when i was younger. and here i am today with 3 babies to look at, hold, hug and kiss everyday and one who is in heaven waiting for me. 


GreenRanchingMom said...

Tears came to my eyes when I saw the stone too. Micah is so sweet & you are such a loving mother to all of children.

~Kely said...

What a beautiful story, Lydia. I especially liked the part about the banner. I've enjoyed reading your blog for a bit this evening. What a beautiful life you lead.