Tuesday, April 10, 2012

we're peach

why are kids so intelligent?
it's like they have a special connection with God. 
the older we get, the louder the noise becomes and His voice gets harder to hear.
last night was one of those rare moments where everything seemed to line up just right. micah was happy, beatrix was happy and penelope, who was having naked towel time, was happy as a clam. i had the two older ones in the tub and i was sitting on a stool on the side of the tub laughing and washing their beautiful naked bodies. bodies that are growing quickly. micah was quiet for a minute and then he said, "mama i'm peach." to which i replied, "really?" he said, "yes, i'm peach and you are peach and beatrix is peach. penelope is very light peach and daddy, well, daddy is...hmmm..." he thought for a minute as i sat silent waiting to see how he would describe his father. "daddy is just a darker peach." i smiled at him. "why are we all peach?" he asked me. i thought for a minute and then i replied, "because we tend to look like our mommy's and our daddy's and my mommy and daddy are peach and daddy's mommy and daddy are peach." he nodded and seemed satisfied. i waited to see if he would ask anything else, and when he didn't, we continued the bath.
but i keep thinking about that conversation last night. 
i keep thinking of his choice in color. peach. it's an accurate color choice. there is something profoundly different about discribing us as peach vrs. describing us as white. white to me is a term used for nothing, blank, void of all color. peach on the other hand, is soft and a combination of colors. i love the fact that some are peach, and some are brown, some are tan, and all the many colors in between. sometimes when i think about creation and the two people who started it off i picture their skin and i envision a quilt of colors. all the beautiful colors of the human rainbow. the endless possibilities of noses, mouths and eye shapes, the different colors present in their very DNA. and i think about God and how He has to be someone who adores variety. you can't look at the millions of creatures present on our earth without coming to the conclusion that He was a creative creator who loved variety. 
peach. thank you micah. you always make me think.
and what i think is from now on when forms ask me what my race is i will cross white out and write, peach. 

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