Friday, April 13, 2012

saturday egg hunt

 last saturday morning after a very quick stop at the library, i took micah, beatrix and penelope (not pictured because she was in the sling) to an easter coloring contest and egg hunt. micah's teacher at trinity attends the church where it was hosted and so she had told micah about the coloring contest. of course my ART LOVING SON was more than excited to enter a coloring contest. i obviously do not know how to follow directions, because i thought he had to make a picture and bring it along. in fact he was supposed to color the brochure and bring it back with him. *shaking my head* this was even after texting his teacher to have her explain what he was supposed to do. i blame it on lack of sleep and nursing.
 i have noticed even in the two weeks bea has been in school that her coloring has improved by miles! the picture above is hers. the picture below is micah coloring what he was supposed to have colored to be entered in the contest.
 this is the picture that he worked on. he made it so that the sun, eggs, butterfly and dragonfly pop off the page on little slips of paper. his teacher graciously hung it up anyway.
they had the egg hunt divided up for the age groups which is so smart! i told micah he could come out if he agreed to stand by me and not try to collect the eggs for beatrix. "she has to be able to do it herself", i told him. he couldn't help himself from pointing out the eggs though.
  bea was more than pleased with all the eggs she found.
i shouldn't have been too concerned with micah helping her, because she did the same thing to him. this girl can hold her own. mama lesson-if it doesn't bother her, it shouldn't bother me.
 micah used a net that normally carries his snorkeling gear. ha! man i love this kid.

 penelope was happy to be in her seat going home. and micah and beatrix excitedly told her about their finds.

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