Friday, April 13, 2012

flowers on a grave

last friday i was driving home after having picked micah up from a birthday party, and we drove by a cemetary. micah was looking out the window and he saw all the plastic flowers on the graves. from the back seat he asked, "mama, what is that place?" 
"it's a cemetery love." 
"oh", he said, "why are there flowers all over the place?" 
"because sometimes the family of the person who died wants pretty things around the ground where they are buried." 
"does finn's grave have flowers on it?" he asked. 
"it did for awhile. i'm not sure if there are any there now or not. mommy and daddy planted a butterfly bush there a few years ago, but i don't know if it is living. it makes me sad sometimes that i'm not there to take care of it." 
he was quiet then and started to tickle penelope sitting next to him. i on the other hand started to think about finn's grave and i wondered how it was looking. i started to wonder if anyone ever visited it anymore. in fact i went to bed thinking about it. the next morning i went on with my day, taking the kids to the library, going to an easter egg hunt, making their lunches and then putting them down for a rest. i was sitting in a chair in our living room nursing penelope when i got a text. i opened it up and started to cry immediately. my sister-in-law blessed me more than i could ever even try to put into words. here was a picture of my neice putting flowers on finn's grave. i KNOW that the Spirit was speaking to her, prompting her to do this. she told me that she was nervous how i would react to it, but she sent it anyway. i was thankful. so very thankful that God used her to show me that once again He cares about these little things with me. He knows that my heart hurts when i think about his grave not being cared for the way i would care for it if i lived there. 
thank you dajana. thank you olivia. 
thank you from the bottom of this mama's heart.


Dajana said...

... GOD is amazing... You made me cry too. OX

kate o. said...

add me to the list of the teary-eyed. this is so wonderful, lydia. God is indeed so kind and gracious and delights in caring for you.

Vera said...

Lyd, so often your words make me cry.Christian visited Finn's grave yesterday.When I asked him why he answered: Just felt like visiting him mom...