Saturday, April 21, 2012

keeping out the bugs, leaves and mangoes

 a week ago monday, matt woke up and decided that he had had enough. enough of the bugs, and leaves and mangoes in his pool. he was determined to replace the screen above our pool with the help of a friend. i was skeptical, like usual, but he was as previously stated, determined. he borrowed some ladders, bought, the supplies and this is what i came outside to find. i was one freaked out lady! it just looks like a horrible accident waiting to happen.
 i am pretty sure daniel agreed with my observations though he is too loyal of a friend to say so. i tried to keep my mouth shut and not ruin the adventure.
 thankfully they found another way to do it. 
a few hours later...they had finished....

...two triangles. HA! it took much longer than anticipated. i foresee this project taking a few weekends through out the summer. it was much cheaper to DIY it.

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