Monday, April 23, 2012

my son and the megalodon

my son studies. he loves to copy pages from books. matt told me that last week he had heard micah and one of his friends talking about sharks. micah handed him one of his pages that he had hand copied from a book and said to him, "here is the information i found out about sharks. how about you give me what you find out about them?" matt got a good chuckle overhearing that exchange. in the evenings, after baths, i often find the two of them in matt's office. matt will be unwinding via a chess game on-line and micah will be sitting next to him at the desk writing out information on snakes, spiders, lizards or some sort of sea creature. lately it has been sharks. specifically, the megalodon

micah came home friday sick with the flu and spent the next 24 hours throwing up and laying in bed. after a long nap, saturday morning he woke up hungry and feeling much better. sunday we went to church but decided to keep the kids with us in the service so as not to infect the other kids. matt told him that he could bring something to do during the service and he brought the book in the above picture and spent the morning happily writing out data. mid-service he whispered to me, "mama did you know that the megalodon's teeth could be as large as an adult human's hand?" i held up my hand and examined it and mouthed to him, "WHOA!" he grinned and went back to writing. 

later after the service one of the ladies of the church came up to me. her husband is a science teacher at a local high school and loves to collect fossils. apparently there is a river in the middle of florida that has the most sharks' teeth of any where in the world. it's like they all congregated there and promptly shed their teeth. many megalodon teeth have been found there as well. she told me that she had told micah that they had recently found a megalodon fossil. micah had asked how large it was and this lady had told him it was very large. she told him it was the size of penelope's hand. micah looked at her and said very matter of factly, "well, it must have been a baby megalodon because i read that fully grown megalodon sharks' teeth were the size of an adult human hand". she laughed so hard. almost as hard as i did when retelling the event to matt on the way home from church. we heard a sigh from the back seat and i said to micah, "micah we aren't laughing at you. we are laughing because you are so smart love. so very very smart!"

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