Monday, November 21, 2011

for pips with love

my dearest pip squeak,
saturday we took pictures of you. your brother and sister were not excited at all, but i thought it was important. i wanted you to see what mommy looked like when i was carrying you around. micah and beatrix eventually warmed up to it, but it took them awhile. i do not feel the most beautiful in these pictures, but you know what? 60 year old lydia would tell me to get over it! and that is what i tried to do.

we are excited to meet you and have you join this craziness. we all wonder what your personality will be like, who you will resemble, and how you will change our family dynamic.

you will be loved that is for certain.
we are excited to meet you soon.
very very soon.
love to you,
and please...come out easy!
[these pictures were taken by my friend kate, she did a beautiful job! thank you kate]

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

Great pics! Can't wait until she comes!!!