Tuesday, November 1, 2011

the costumes and tricks or treats

Beatrix and Micah have watched the movie RIO enough to have it memorized. and honestly i don't blame them. it is a super cute movie! micah told me a couple of months ago that he really wanted to be one of the characters for halloween. and of course beebs chimed in {in her own special way} that she wanted to be jewel. which is this beautiful blue bird above. and so i set it out to create their costumes. i laid awake a few nights dreaming of different ways to turn them into birds. when it finally came together in my mind i bought the supplies, put it off for a few more days, and then started it a week before halloween. nothing like a deadline, right? i didn't know how i was going to make it happen, i just had an image in my head that i was shooting for. can i just tell you that almost every minute i sat at that sewing machine i was praying? well, it's true, i did. i prayed a lot last week.
bea's finished costume.
complete with tail...
and pink flower in her hair, i mean feathers.

micah wanted to be nico which is the little yellow canary seen in this picture. he is a pretty cool bird in the movie and once again, i do not blame my son for wanting to be something so awesome for halloween. however, when he started stipulating what the costume had to look like and what it needed to include i began to feel a teensy bit overwhelmed. {read that as saying i bit off more then i thought i could chew} he really wanted to make sure i made the bottle cap hat. i had no idea how i was going to do it. like i said i prayed alot, God cares about these things. and it finally came to me. i completed his costume sunday afternoon.
he was MORE than thrilled.

the bottle cap hat. which, you guessed it, stayed on for the pictures.
"sure, buddy, i'll be happy to carry that around the whole neighborhood for you."
no. big. deal.
my two birds. they were so happy.
here are the finished pumpkins.
can you guess which one is matt's?
that man is a twisted soul! :)

matt requested i make him a collar for his costume. forgive me father for i have sinned. haha
i tried to find a nun costume and couldn't. i thought about making one for myself for like two seconds. i was sewed out! while i was walking around the neighborhood a lady asked me what i was. i said "oh, i just threw my husband's pirate wig on".
she said, "you mean you really are pregnant?"
i looked at her confused and said, "yes"
and then she said, "oh i thought that was fake and you were dressed as a pregnant hippy." hmmmmm....that's weird.
when we got home beatrix asked for a sucker. i let her and micah have a couple of pieces of candy. a little while later i noticed she didn't have it anymore.
"where did your sucker go beebs?"
she looked around for it and couldn't find it.
matt laughed and said, "it's probably on the floor somewhere".
soon after that i was taking her costume off and something sticky bummed my hand. i looked through all the feathers and held it up for matt to see.
"i found the lost sucker!"
this was our spoil at the end of the night and the last 10 pounds i will gain before this baby comes. ha! matt made me promise not to throw any of it away. however, i may hide it in baggies through out the house. my will power is a little low these days.
Happy Halloween!

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