Monday, November 7, 2011

fathers and sons

i'm sure i have said it on here before, but i love watching micah and matt together. it is one of my greatest joys.

micah had another t-ball game on saturday and this one was different for two reasons. number one it was at 9 in the morning which meant it was cooler temperature wise and for an 8 month pregnant woman that is something to be celebrated for sure. number two reason was that matt got to coach micah's team. the coach called him last week and told matt that he wouldn't be able to make it and would matt be interested in covering for him? and just so you know, matt was so "willing" to coach micah's team that he could hardly sleep friday night from sheer excitement.

this little one was pretty pumped to have daddy coach too. he ran right out to the field and started playing catch with matt and the other kids who had shown up early.

my lady and i watched the excitement from this side of the fence.

matt wasn't sure how many parents would show up so he asked a few of the guys from the high school baseball team to come and help out with coaching on the bases and in the out field. and what a help they were. the little kids thought it was pretty great that the big boys showed up to help them. and from what the "big boys" told me they were happy to be there too. in fact they told matt they wanted to come next week and help out again.
100% into Thomas!

phil, the boy with the glasses, was in the dug out and there was also a father in there with his son. phil said that he was listening to the father give this little boy a hard time about something. when the little boy came up to bat again, phil was coaching home plate and he put his arm around the kid and whispered, "my dad was hard on me too, it will be alright". what phil witnessed really struck a nerve with him and because he was there he was able to reach out to that little boy. who knows if the kid will remember their interaction, but i know phil will.

father and son relationships are so important. vital in my opinion! there is nothing that can replace the desire of a son's heart to please his father. i witnessed it with phil and i witnessed it with micah and matt. matt's role in our son's life (beatrix's too) is ridiculously important! micah will learn to be a man from him. he will learn what kindness and patience and persistence look like and what it looks like to love his wife and family, from matt...

i am so thankful for the role that matt plays in our children's lives. the lives of his students that he loves like his own... the life of this little man that we are raising together.
father and son.
i love watching their relationship.

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Mom VC said...

Oh my!! God has truly given you amazing gifts of eloquent writing, and an eye for remarkable photography!! Can't wait to see all 5 of you!!

I love you, Honey,