Wednesday, November 9, 2011

food and clean water

yesterday the principal at trinity was going around to classrooms talking to all the kids about Operation Christmas Child. if you have been living under a rock and don't know what this program is all about i will break it down for you a bit. community groups put together shoe boxes full of suggested items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, underwear, combs, hair bands, and a few candies or small toys. you can either make a box for a boy or a girl.

well, mrs. ansell, the principal was telling matt yesterday during his break that she was in micah's classroom and she asked the class, "what are some things that we can put in our boxes?" several of the kids raised their hands to answer her question. she noticed micah's hand was raised and she called on him,
"yes, micah. what do you think we could put in their boxes?"
micah responded, "i don't think they need any of those things. what they really need is food and clean water!"
mrs. ansell told matt that she had a very difficult time not laughing because he was just saying it like it was. let's cut to the chase, mrs. ansell what they need is those things! ha! i love it! she replied to him, "you are right they do really need those things and the people who bring the children the boxes do bring food and clean water to the communities as well." micah seemed relieved.

when matt was telling me the story last night before we fell asleep we were both laughing and then i said, "he must be getting a few of the things he hears us talking about." i fell asleep thinking, yes indeed, what they really need is food and clean water.

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kate o. said...

i love it.

i, too, can be a bit conflicted when i pack up those boxes. really? but i know how kids love those things, too.

we used to find the strangest things when we would go through people's boxes before we sent them off. lunchable, anyone? seriously.