Wednesday, September 2, 2009

for grandma {last ones from the birthday, i promise}

my mom sent micah a goodie bag....

of art supplies....
and $15.00 to use however he wanted. he choose a dinosaur of course.
Matt's parents sent him a dinosaur chia pet.
Bea loved the glue.... this girl is going to be trouble. :0
Matt didn't have to go into work until 10:00 on Micah's birthday because he had open house that night until 9:00. They were able to go to breakfest together.
Playing with the art supplies.
chewing, always chewing!
We went to Pizza Hut spontaneously the night of Micah's birthday. The three of us were going to go alone, but Micah requested calling a friend to meet us there. It worked out great. I stopped at Publix and bought a little cake.
That was the boys favorite part of the night.
At home playing with balloons.
Decorations for Micah's birthday and playing with balloons before bed.

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