Tuesday, September 15, 2009

writing and dinosaurs

All of Micah's friends are in pre-school this year and so he has been a little lonely. We could have sent him to Trinity this year, but with only one car and it being a half hour away we just didn't think that it was really very practical. (I guess if I want to be totally honest too, I wasn't ready to have him gone all day long...) Anyway we have been having "school" of our own in the mornings during Bea's nap time. Last week Micah just decided to write his name, and than I told him the letters that are in other words and he wrote those too. It is things like this that show me once again that when he decides to do something the timing is usually right.
We also have been printing off dinosaur pictures, coloring them and talking about the letters that they start with and what kinds of things they may have eaten. We talk alot about what might have happened to the dinosaurs. It always leads to really great questions.

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