Thursday, August 27, 2009

dinosaur birthday beach bbq

Last Friday night we had Micah's birthday party at Singer Island's Ocean Reef Park. We had so much fun with friends, grilling out and celebrating our little man turning 4! My good friend April took several pictures of the evening so I could just enjoy being at the party. It was wonderful and the pictures turned out great too! Thanks April!!April's daughter Elsie and Micah.

I made a dinosaur garland for decoration. Micah picked out the dinosaur fabric and than I bought cordinating colors. It turned out so bright and cheerful and it is now hanging in his room.
I also tried my hand at making a dinosaur cake. It came out pretty cute, but it proceeded to melt in the heat. Matt called this our pre-extinction picture.
Matt sneaking Beatrix some chocolate frosting off of the cupcakes. If you were here you could have heard me saying in the background, "Matt please don't give her chocolate". To which he said to April, "Quick take the picture!"

I thought about bringing swimming attire sometime around 1:00 Friday afternoon, but in the craziness of remembering all of the food and party whatnots I forgot anything to do with swimming. OH well!
Relaxing on the beach with good friends waiting for Matt to finish grilling the hotdogs.
I snapped this picture, and it is a melt your heart shot! *sigh*
so is this one!!!
Notice Micah wore his underware the rest of the party. How white trash are we??? Funny memory for the grandkids about their daddy I guess.

"I want the neck mommy!" - Micah
I LOVE this picture that April snapped of us. So so precious! These are the moments that you miss when you are behind the camera.....thank you friend. I love this picture!
another one *sigh*
They make my heart hurt they are so amazing!
After the presents were opened I asked all of the little kids (minus Micah's friend Elsie who had to leave early) to get together and do a silly pose. Micah did a dinosaur, of course and the rest of them were just so cute! Thanks eveyone for making Micah's 4th birthday so wonderful!!! We LOVED celebrating him with you.


Stephanie said...

What a fun birthday party!!! I love all the pictures. Great job on the cake and the decorations. Wish you were in Iowa to help me with Brenna's in October since I don't have a creative bone in me. Ha! :) Have a great weekend! Oh yeah....Brenna asks to look at pictures of Micah and Bea at least every other day! She misses them!

Andrea said...

Looks like it was a great night! Your kids are so photogenic an beautiful!