Tuesday, September 15, 2009

snaggle tooth cutey pie

This is Bea's tooth. Hi tooth! Where is your next door neighbor Miss Tooth? NOwhere in sight, that is where. We were thinking that we should dress Beatrix up like a jack-o-lantern this year for halloween. All we would have to do is draw some triangles around her eyes and put her in an orange t-shirt. She has been very fussy the last 3 nights so maybe the neighbor will be moving in soon....
I found this little t-shirt at target. She wore it this Sunday with a little pink denim skirt. You could see Matt visiably melting when he saw her after I got her dressed. I said to him, "Here, let me unwrap you from her little finger" hahaha...the monster has turned to mush!

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Andrea said...

Isn't it amazing what a daughter can do to her daddy? Tim is way easier on her than Noah because he's so wrapped around her finger.