Wednesday, May 20, 2009

what color is thunder?

it is storming here today. micah was in his room and came running out when he heard some thunder. "i don't like thunder!" he said. "oh that's too bad, cause i love thunder." "you do?" he asked surprised. "i do buddy. i love storms"
outside we went to change the laundry before it started to pour. when we were inside the garage he asked me, "mommy, what color is thunder?"i told him that you can't see thunder you can only hear it with your ears. you can see lighting though. "well where does thunder live?" the questions continued getting more and more complex so we looked them up on line and found this picture. he said to me, "mommy, that is lighting and it is breaking the sky apart." hmmmm....
now my little scientist is coloring on the floor and he just asked me, "mommy what do volcanoes look like cause i am drawing fire!!!" always a new question for me to answer, or at least try.

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John, Heather, and Roman said...

There is a wonderful book called "Thundercake" by Patricia Polacco. It is all about a little girl who is scared of Thunder. To distract her, her grandmother bakes a "thundercake" with her. It is really cute...look for it. I read it today with my kids and opened all of the windows in order to hear the rain and thunder...they LOVED it!