Wednesday, May 27, 2009

seven months, just like that!

How did it happen? Seriously?!? Today Beatrix offically started crawling. She has been scooting around for a couple of days, but today I laid her on my bed while I was changing my clothes and up onto all fours she went. With one hand in front of the other she crawled right across my bed, straight to Micah and laughing the whole way. I think she impressed herself and so she had a little giggle about it. I took these a couple of days ago already. She is impossible to photograph. Beatrix would not hold still for a second. She ate the sign twice and then when I got her all settled down she kept falling over and she ended up losing it! I called the session over and chalked the pictures up as realistic images! I can't believe our little bird has been a part of our family for 7 months already. She laughs at Micah, especially when he gives her belly raspberries, she eats cheerios, bananas, sweet potatos and avacado, she drinks water out of a sippy cup, chews on everything, has a raging temper and a beautiful smile, she loves baths, and taking off her diaper. She reaches for me and loves to pull me in for big sloppy wet kisses. I agree with Micah, Beatrix is so silly and really wonderful!

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