Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tender Moments

Do you ever happen upon a scene that causes a lump to rise in your throat? A moment so beautiful you want to freeze time and remember it forever? This was one of those times. Tuesday night I was rushing around trying to get everything in order before bedtime. I had made Matt a bottle to give Beatrix. I got Micah out of the tub and had him dressed for bed when he told me he wanted to go and kiss daddy and Beatrix good night. I sent him out to find them and when he didn't come back I went looking for him. This is what I found... It brings tears to my eyes just looking at these pictures cause I love this little family so much it hurts. This is what matters, moments like these. Not laundry, or a clean house, dinner being on time or if there is a sink filled with dirty dishes. I am not going to be old and gray someday wishing I would have had a cleaner house, I am going to wish no LONG for these moments. Moments when my kids are little and able to fit on our laps.

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Vera said...

Lydia that is so well said. In this busy life these memories are so precious.You are such a great mom and wife.
Love you