Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mr Fix It

Yesterday I glanced into Micah's room and he was hunched over something pulling tape out of the dispenser. My initial reaction was to get upset and remove the tape from him. I stopped myself though and had a quick thought. "would I like to be interupted if I was hard at work on something and is a roll of tape really that big of deal?" So I quietly walked away and went about my business. I took Beatrix out of her swing and we laid on my bed playing and being silly. Micah walked in a couple of minutes later with something behind his back. He pulled it out and said, "Surprise, Look what I did Mommy!" This was what he showed me. His blue monster truck that he had broken the day before. I looked at it closely and was really impressed with his efforts. He made sure that the tape went all the way under the truck and that it didn't touch the wheels so that they could move freely. The look on his face was pure pride. Imagine that I could have taken that away from him by getting all upset about $2.00 worth of tape... I seem to be the one learning the most from these little people.

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