Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Time with Cousins

Matt's sister Katie, her husband Mark and their two kids Elise, who is 10 days older then Micah and their daughter Celia who is 9 months came down to south Florida for vaccation. They rented a house in Orlando and last Thursday they came down around us to visit a friend of Mark's from college and to see our home. Friday morning these two were up and at um super early. I ran Matt to school and came back with a box of Muchkin donuts. They dove right in. Friday, late morning while waiting for Matt to get out of his conference, I took the Lieb's to the beach. I wanted them to see a bit of the ocean even though it was so chilly. These two jumped right into the water despite the cold. It was so much fun watching them together.
Throwing sand in. Micah's pants came off cause he was getting them wet anyway.

Melt your heart cuteness! I am sure we will hear about this one some day though.

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Stephanie said...

It looks like Micah & Elise get a long really well. I bet it was fun to watch them play together! Great pictures by the way!!!