Thursday, October 4, 2012

a tale of grandpa harrison

in a very random/providential chain of events, a few weeks ago matt found out that his dad was selling his old F150 pickup truck. we had been looking for a second vehicle for awhile and so we got our pennies together and bought it. for a few days matt was trying to figure out how we would get the truck down here. first his brother was going to drive it down and then matt thought about flying up there to pick it up, but what ended up happening was that matt's dad drove it down himself. the best thing was that he got to spend 3 days with us. it was a wonderful 3 days. he had brought his scuba gear in hopes of getting some time in, but the seas were so rough from passing storms that instead he stayed at home with me and the girls. he spent the mornings waiting for micah and matt to get home playing crazy 8s, watching movies with little girls on his lap, doing puzzles, eating apples and peanut butter and getting asked all kinds of questions by me. there aren't many opportunities to get to know one of your in-laws on a one-on-one basis, especially your father-in-law. but it was comfortable, and cozy, and familiar, and safe. i love being a part of matt's family too. when matt's mom called to see how we were doing i told her she needed to be next for a little one-on-one visit. 

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