Thursday, October 4, 2012

a field trip to whole foods

  micah had his first field trip of the year last week. i offered to be a chaperon for any one of his 4 field trips because last year his teacher had said that they had a very hard time getting parents who were available. she  sent a note home to tell me that i was welcome, but i made sure to clarify that the girls would be with me. she assured me that it would be fine to have them along. we arrived at whole foods first and waited for the bus to arrive. i could see micah waving frantically through the window at me. he was so excited. beatrix wanted to climb on to the bus to sit with him and she very bravely did just that. 

 penelope didn't last long in the stroller. i was so happy that i brought both the sling and the stroller with me though.  micah was very careful to bring the items that they were speaking about back to show beatrix and penelope. he would repeat the information to them and let bea feel it. this was a dinosaur kale.
 in the picture below he is tickling penelope's neck. 

 a rare picture of the 4 of us. penelope is pulling my hair. and right after this picture was taken i fell forward trying to get up! haha
 the fish department where they told us all about the local fish they were cleaning for the day. 

 we went all around the store. after the seafood counter we went to the meat counter where they told us about how cold it is back in the freezers and that their meat is different because they lived happy lives. that made the teachers and i laugh as it didn't really matter how happy they had been while they were living, they still ended up dead. they gave us sample of hot dogs. then we moved on to the milk and egg department and we looked at all the different kinds of eggs whole foods carry's  we went next to the cheese counter and then to the pizza oven where a man showed the kids how he made pizza. we got a slice of pizza too. lastly we went to the bakery where they gave the kids a sample of blueberry cake with NO sugar in it and the statement "see how eating good for you can taste good too?" it was funny and cheesy, but good for the kids to see a grocery store. after the tour, whole foods surprised all the students by giving them a ride on the carousel behind the store. in the words of beatrix, "dat was a fun mo-ning mama!"

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