Saturday, July 7, 2012

her crib

last week we set up the crib again, one last time. penelope is getting more and more mobile. she has been army crawling for a couple of weeks now and has been rocking on all fours for a bit too. i was starting to get nervous that one of these days, after i had laid her in the co-sleeper for a nap, i wouldn't hear her wake up and she would try to crawl out of bed. i knew it was time to move her into something a little safer. we left the co-sleeper on the bed still for middle of the night feedings, but this is where she takes her naps now and where she starts her nights. the phrase above her bed is one of my favorite sarah mclachlan songs. i used to sing in to micah all of the time during his middle of the night feedings. for some reason it just came to me while i was setting up the crib for penelope and so i wrote it out for her too. pips looks like she is standing on her own in this picture and though she has pulled herself up since this picture was taken, matt had been holding on to her and let go just for a minute when i snapped it.

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