Saturday, July 7, 2012

early mornings

 bea loves sitting on daddy's lap to watch him "pay the puter" 
she also has started wearing this green skirt over her pajamas. when i asked her why she said, "cuz its pitty". i said oh and she said "pitty bird, pitty bird!" 
micah loves's strange but he always has. for awhile when he was bea's age, he moved from feeling my neck to my arm pit...that was a long couple of months! now he loves to touch pips' neck. matt and i have asked him why and he always says, "cause it's so soft and warm". matt thinks he is going to make a triple chinned woman very happy some day. haha!

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Anna Karabensh said...

My littlest brother snuggled my mom's armpit for about 3 years. I didn't realize Micah did this too! So funny. Little boys and their sweet sensitivity to their mamas. Love you all.