Wednesday, October 5, 2011

major league firsts

micah's first t-ball game was on Saturday. it was a monumental day according to matt. when i asked him to explain, he simply couldn't. probing deeper into his well of emotion, i asked do you think you feel how i felt on his first day of kindergarten? he thought for a moment and said, yes, i think they are probably very similar feelings. i didn't want to dig any deeper as i knew he was comfortable with his own thoughts, but knowing matt like i do, there was something special taking place in his mind on saturday.
something i really couldn't grasp.
something that was beautiful to witness none-the-less

he looked so little out there standing at the ready. new, crisp, and clean uniform ready to be dirtied. glove on the wrong hand until daddy gently corrected him. earlier in the day he had whispered to me, "mama, what if we lose?" i whispered back, "t-ball is great practice" and gave him a squeeze.

the game itself was a great exercise in patience for the spectators/parents. most of these kids had no clue what to do if they hit the ball. they were running every which way and when the ball was hit by the other team....well i think it would be easier to herd cats than to ask these kids not to all run after it at the same time.

unable to resist the urge to be in the middle of all the excitement, matt put beatrix down and went to coach first base. he would stand there and patiently tell each child where they needed to run to next and when exactly to go. it was pretty sweet to watch. it was really special when micah hit the ball and went running to first base and matt was there waiting for him.

and though he was tagged out both times he got to bat, he gave a big smile, got a pat on the back and a squeeze from matt and got some very loud cheering from his mama.

at the end of the game (which lasted an hour and 15 mintues...beebs and i were quite red faced by the end of the game) the kids all lined up to give fives.

i texted a picture of micah in his uniform to several people that morning on the way to the game. our friend ashlea was one of them. when she got the picture she texted back what time is the game? to which i replied, now! i was sitting with beatrix watching the game and she walked up, gave me a hug and said hi. she is a great friend, one that we all love very much!
it was a memorable day for all of us.
a major league of a day!

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Stephanie said...

Micah looks so grown up and cute in his uniform! I love it!