Friday, October 21, 2011

beatrix is three

the baby of the house turned three yesterday and so, i guess, officially loses her title of "baby of the house". yesterday morning we woke up bright and early and gave beatrix her first present. i knew that this present would get used all day long. grandma and grandpa harrison sent her a new swim suit.

she loved it!

then we had cinnamon rolls.
after a breakfast of cinnamon rolls, friends of ours, who were visiting from michigan and happened to be staying with us during beatrix's birthday, went swimming. then we got dressed and went to the turtle sanctuary. i wanted them to see the sea turtles and i thought it would be fun for beatrix since her birthday theme was turtles and thomas the tank engine. (we had a T party) i did not take my camera because i have taken pictures of the kids at the turtle sanctuary many times. however, when we arrived we were told that they were releasing one of the turtles back into the ocean at noon that day. so i have no pictures of that (bummer!), but it was an incredible thing to witness and a pretty special memory for bea's 3rd birthday. we also played around on the beach afterwards for an hour or so and we all got burned. the sun felt wonderful!
we had lunch and matt put the kids down for a nap while our friends' kids went swimming. while our kids were napping i made bea's cupcakes. i saw a picture of these on a site called pinterest and knew i had to make them for bea. it was micah's idea to use the graham crackers as sand.

she loved them!
the sign i made had thomas colors (from her party hats) and sea turtles.

singing happy birthday again. she loved it every time.

a cooking set from auntie dajana and uncle peter.
a jewelry box from pastor shirley and mr. jim.
and a thomas matching game from grandpa and grandma harrison. my parents also sent beatrix a big box of all kinds of treasures like halloween pencils, straws and bubbles, flash cards, suckers, a coloring book, and a card with $10 in it. i forgot to take a picture of her opening it because we were outside by the pool. sorry mom and dad but she loved it!
our friend ashlea came over for cupcakes too and she had a card for beatrix. after bea opened the card ashlea took beatrix outside to her car. all the kids followed like little ducks to see what bea was going to get. ashlea had been planning this for months. she got to the car, opened the door and handed bea the largest....
...turtle float ever! you should have seen bea's face. she gasped!

it was a wonderful day! beatrix couldn't stop smiling and it was a day full of taking in the moments and enjoying every second. matt and i were sitting on the beach watching her and i said to him, "i never want to forget this".

we love you beatrix and we are so thankful for the amazing 3 years that we have had with you in our lives. your presence in our family is such a blessing! we love your spunk, your temper, your silliness, and your smile. you melt your daddy and me!

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