Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Sunday we were sitting around the table after church having lunch and i was making the grocery list. i asked micah and matt what we should have for the week for dinners because i was tired of thinking of things to have. they started listing all kinds of ideas. i looked up at them and said, "i think we should do this every sunday. it makes my job so much easier!" so after they had said their dinner ideas they started listing all of the treats that they wanted me to get at the store too. "peanut butter m&ms and caramel apples, oh and cider", matt said. "ooooh yeah and halloween cookies", micah shouted. "yeah!" matt chimed in. i just sat there rolling my eyes. when it comes to sweets matt and micah are two of a kind!!! then matt looked at micah and said, "NO! why don't we make halloween sugar cookies like we do at christmas time instead?" micah's eyes got enormous and he said a hearty, "YES!" so last night we finally got around to it.
i gave micah one of each kind and then put the rest in a bag in the freezer so whenever the mood strikes they are ready to decorate.

beatrix pretty much just liked the frosting and sprinkles.

post cookie decorating i thought i would take a few pictures of our recent craft projects. we made and cut out bats for the windows...
(i just like their different faces in these pictures. that is why there are three of the "same' thing.)

and we also made some new little ghosts to hang from our front tree.
of course my holiday loving husband had to hang up halloween lights. sometimes i wonder what our new neighborhood thinks of us. the previous owner had lived here since 1956...it makes me wonder if he ever put up orange and purple lights in his front tree???
something tells me probably not.

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kate o. said...

i LOVE your orange and purple lights.

and yeah, omar's contributions to the weekly dinner/snack list is always more "fun" than mine ;)