Thursday, September 8, 2011

our bedroom

this is our room, for now.
there are a few things that i would still like to do to it such as soft and comfy rugs for either side of the bed, hang some more pictures on the walls and figure out something for the windows above our bed.
but for now, i love the colors and it is the one room in our new house that feels homey.

this little black table was left here in the house by the previous owners. i cleaned it off and i think it works beautifully with my beloved owl lamp.

this pretty dish was also left in the house. the kids and i have been collecting pieces of coral at the beach and putting them right here. the colors of the dish look like the colors of the ocean which is just right for me.

1 comment:

Dajana. said...

That definately reminds you of ocean... i bet is very peacefull and relaxing... great color choices.