Thursday, September 1, 2011

fix what???

i walked down our hallway from our bedroom three days ago and and noticed a puddle the size of a small lake forming. i had a sinking feeling as standing water anywhere inside your house is not a good sign. we had known that the air conditioner would eventually give us problems since the previous owner had jerry-rigged the pipe draining the condensation out of the actual air conditioner into a shower behind the closet. that's right, he drilled a hole through the wall and into the shower so that the water could drain causing a lovely smell to emanate from that bathroom rendering it unable to be used by this sensitive smelling pregnant lady. but back to the puddle, we knew that eventually we would have to fix the air conditioner we were just hoping for a little more time.
but no dice.

tuesday i called matt's school to ask if they had a list of recommended companies and if they had one for air conditioning repairs. they did and the owners daughter had been one of matt's seniors the previous year. i called the company and her grandma answered. when she heard who my husband was she proceeded to tell me a story. she told me that her grand daughter really hadn't liked english all that much and fought mr. harrison tooth and nail at every turn. at the beginning of the summer she had to report to her college to take an assessment test to find out her placement in college english. her grandma told me that when she came out to the car after the test she said, "grandma! mr. harrison was right and he taught me everything that was on that test!!" i could tell the grandma was smiling, she said, "i just thought you would like to know that and i hope you will pass it on to your husband." not to get off topic, but can i just tell you that i hear those kinds of stories everywhere i go! i am so proud of my teacher husband. he always says he is doing something right if they think he is too hard on them while he is teaching them and then they love him when they get to college. that takes a confident person.

so back to the air conditioner, the service man showed up and looked it over. he determined that the pipes needed rerouting (DUH!) and that it needed a new pump to get the water through the pipe and outside. when he told me the price, i almost cried....$500! what??? granted that was for two maintenance calls a year and the price of everything else, but what? really?! after we just moved in? everyone told me things like this would happen....i really didn't believe them. i called matt to talk things over and we determined that it was something that really needed to be done and that we wanted it done right this time. no more jerry rigged bathrooms, no more stink and no more lake harrison in our hallway. it did mean tightening our belts and eating lots and lots of peanut butter and crackers. ;) just kidding! thankfully, my mama raised a pretty creative cook.

it took the service man almost all day to complete it, but he did and we are up and running again, sans leak and cool as cucumbers in this very hot harrison house.

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