Thursday, September 8, 2011

the kids' room

the kids have a new bed. Beatrix loves to sneak up to the top bunk whenever micah is at school and play with his stuffed animals.

the green door is going to be mounted to the wall eventually. i am going to put hooks on it at kids level so they can hang some of their favorite things there. the chalkboard wall is a big hit and i would like to get a little table and chairs to go under it for puzzles and micah's legos.
the closet is ok for now too. i used some of matt's shelves that he had used in previous years at school. eventually i would like to build nice built-ins.
on the wall to my right (you can't see it in the picture but on the other side of the door) i want to build some kind of a book shelf to hold all of their books. i'm not sure how much to do in here until the baby comes. in the future this will either be just micah's room or it will be the girls' room. (i can't believe i just said girls, plural!)

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Dajana. said...

LOVE their room... the chalkboard is one of my fav. smart...