Thursday, July 21, 2011


does anyone else find packing a strange concept?
so here is what we do...
we search all over for boxes. we ask our friends, we ask strangers and we comb the stores hoping to score a car full. we bring said boxes home and fill them up. tape them, mark them and than load them into a truck that we had to rent. we unload the boxes and stack them in our new house and than we have to find a place for all of those things that fit so well in the house we had before.
i find this a strange thing.
much like going to the grocery store. someone stacks all of those products on a shelf, we load them into our carts, we take them all out and put them on a moving conveyor belt, they get loaded into a bag, put back into our carts, placed in our cars and than stacked on our own shelves at home. weird, and it's actually a very long process for something that is so necessary.
anyway, i digress.
my point, yes i have one, is that we (i) really must value my things if i am willing to go to all of that work just to move it from one place to another... it makes me think about my things, my stuff. i don't believe that i can live totally without things, but it does make me want to really bring things into our home that we love and value. things that i don't mind moving from point A to point B because it is stuff that brings my family joy and reminds us of good times.
i want to make it a goal that these boxes i fill will be full of treasures, not junk.
i would rather just set fire to it all than move around garbage.

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