Monday, December 6, 2010


dear little ones,
i'm tired in these pictures. the kind of tired that comes from working a full day on your feet and being sick sick sick! on this night i wanted to just go to bed and pretend like i had no little people who had missed me all day. but you know what? i went into the bedroom and changed out of my work clothes and at the same time changed my mindset. i am constantly reminded lately that you won't be little like this for long. you won't want to cuddle with me on the couch and listen to me read you stories forever. as i took off my clothes and put on super comfy ones i was reminded softly to think about you. so we piled onto the couch. you both smelled delicious and clean. you couldn't get close enough. then i began to read and your attention was kept throughout the whole book. even beebs sat still. i am glad i didn't do exactly what i had planned when i got home from work. because this was by far the best part of my day.
i love you both...thank you for being patient with me and for always being willing to cuddle.

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