Tuesday, August 24, 2010

pirate party

Saturday we had Micah's 5th Birthday party at the beach. He told me about 6 months ago that he wanted a pirate party.
I made more cupcakes and topped them with pirate gold. He really wanted a ship with a giant octopus attacking it, but since we were having it at a very very hot beach I figured I would allow myself the easy route and do cupcakes.
The present of the day...an army helicopter. Thanks Micah Tumas!!!
The other great one, a super soaker to be used on Dido if she is biting us.
The one thing Micah asked for that I did manage to do was a treasure hunt. I told them that I had received a map from a pirate captain named Max. He had only given me the first piece and the other two pieces were hidden around the park somewhere. While Matt was burying the treasure under the pier we searched the park for the rest of the map.
Found the three pieces and now to figure out where the x marks.
"I know! I know! It's by the pier!"

They were too quick for me to get a picture of it, but X did mark the spot.
Wearing the spoils of the hunt...eye patches, earrings, pirate pencils, chocolate gold and suckers.
a pirate princess

When we got back up to the park we all got fish and chips and sat in the shade retelling the stories of Captain Max.
M - "Mama? How did Pirate Max give you the map?"
me - "um...eat your fish". *grin*
The only way to eat fish and chips at the beach, laying down.
Over all he said it was a great day and an awesome pirate party. Thanks friends for joining us and Happy 5th Birthday Buddy!

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