Tuesday, August 24, 2010

first homework assignment

Sunday we did something in our house that we have never done before and will do 1000 more times in our future....that's right homework. Micah had his first assigment given to him last Friday. Sunday after naps, Beatrix was happy and the rest of us were rested so Micah and I sat down to do his homework. I asked Matt to document the first time. It was an assignment telling the class about yourself without telling them who wrote it. He drew his hair and color, his eyes, his favorite color and his favorite animal, an anaconda. (which changes daily) It was yet another surreal moment in this school adventure and I wanted to make sure I soaked it in. How many times over the next few years will we sit in this exact spot working on problems, stories, coloring, drawing, and questions? It's just the beginning, but I need to remember the first time.

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