Monday, August 23, 2010

first day of school

Matt and I got up a little bit before waking up the munchkins. I needed the time to have another cry. I had been tearing up easily for the past two days. We woke the kids and got ready in no time flat. Matt has to be at the school by 7:30 so we were out the door by 6:45. Micah looks so big and just typing this makes me tear up again. But he was ready and excited so I tried to keep how I was feeling which was mostly sad, inside.
All smiles! The camera was having a hard time adjusting to the early morning humidity.

We dropped Matt off and since we had 25 minutes to kill we went to Dunkin donuts to split a breakfast sandwich and a donut.
I love how her pinky finger is sticking out so lady like and dainty.

And here it begins for real. No going back now, though i thought about it. This is the start of the car line.
Walking like he owns the place.
We met at the front door so he could walk in with us too.
Micah finding his name tag and hook.
Taking his assignment book into Mrs. Scott.
A precious hug from Daddy before he had to leave to get back to class.
I hugged Micah good bye too even though I could have stood there all day just listening. But I gave him a big smile, told him I would see him soon with birthday cupcakes, kissed him goodbye and stood by the door where he couldn't see me for just a little bit. I walked slowly away and took this picture of his hook....and then I let the tears fall quietly and freely all the way to the car and a couple of miles after that.

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