Tuesday, May 25, 2010


matt will be finished with school this friday for the summer and i have to say i am READY to have him home. we have some fun things planned but mostly we are going to try to make it a low key time with plenty of rest and relaxation. the end of the year is starting off with a visit from matt's parents. they arrive tomorrow and of course graduation which will be especially meaningful this year as it is the year matt's first class is graduating. he had this class the first year he taught at trinity when they were only freshmen. i feel especially close to some of these kids as i have watched them grow up for the last 4 years.

i am looking forward to having matt around and i know the kids are too. but mostly i can tell that this year is different in that matt himself is desperate for the summer. he is tired this year. more so than the other end-of-the-years. i am really praying that he finds the rest and the rejuvenation to start next year ready and refreshed. would you pray for him too? teaching is hard work. even more so for a man like my love who doesn't do anything half way.

i have a couple of photography sessions scheduled which will be fun, i will be working 3 nights a week still and of course we plan on getting as much beach time as is possible given the fact that our beaches could look like tar pits in a couple of weeks. every time i think about all of the oil spilling into our beautiful oceans i can't help getting teary eyed.

this morning we were driving to costco and the farmer's market and micah started singing, "he's got the whole oceans in this hands, he's got the whole oceans in his hands, he's got the whole oceans in his hands, he's got the whole world in his hands." i smiled to him and then to myself as i silently prayed asking God to forgive the way we have treated his oceans, his land, his world...

my thoughts turn to relaxation and the fun that the summer holds for us as a family, but it also turns so quickly to those families and wildlife that have been devastated by this tragedy.

we need rest and relaxation so we can work harder for Him!

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