Tuesday, May 25, 2010

saying farwell to an old friend

matt bought this bike right before we were married, in 1999. we rode on it together for 10 years...we drove it when we were single, matt rode it to iowa to visit me while we were dating, we signed our marriage licsence on it at our wedding, we rode off on it to our hotel the first night we were married, we took it to canada, we drove it to lake michigan, we rode it around grand rapids, we moved it to florida where matt has enjoyed riding it year round, we also drove it in February 2008 to the ocean where i told matt we were going to have another baby, beatrix.

but this bike was getting old and expensive to fix, so a month ago matt decided to put it on craig's list and he sold it to someone else who gets to have new memories on it. i have to say that since the kids have come i really didn't get to ride on it much, but when i did, it was wonderful.

it was a sad week in our house the week that the bike was no longer in our garage. but on to new adventures. we are saving our money for our next one. a sail boat! who knows what memories we can make on that.

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