Tuesday, May 25, 2010


matt left for work last thursday at his normal time of 6:00. what wasn't normal was the fact that he called me a little after he left. look out the window, he said. i did and saw a red tent in the darkness. what does that sign say i asked. he told me, i laughed and got up to start making some breakfast for our squatters.
when micah saw the tent he was so confused, "what are they doing on out there mama?"

i made them some blueberry muffins and chai tea. we had to leave early to get to trinity to buy micah some school uniforms and to take beatrix to her check up at the doctor.
these girls make me so happy and keep me feeling young and silly. i remember doing fun and carefree things like this. they remind me of the importance of staying youthful at heart.
the next day we had to say good bye to one of them.
ashlea got an amazing opportunity to work for a not for profit organization in washington dc this summer. (one of the reasons why they camped out in our yard the night before.) the whole harrison family was sad to see her go, but excited for what may lay ahead for our dear friend. blessings ash, we love you!

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